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In the Prep School Boarding House we develop independence in our girls and boys who learn new skills which they can use at home.

Boarding at Ardingly aims to provide a home away from home for your son or daughter. We create a warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all boarders; a place in which they can relax and enjoy being with friends in a safe and secure environment. Parents leave their children in our care, confident that they will be looked after well, and that the house parents will protect their interests and welfare. 

Boarding is run on the principle that it should be as much like a child’s home as possible, where good sense, good humour and mutual support abound.  It is imperative that the children can feel secure in their surroundings, that they can work quietly, that they can relax and play together, so that their friendships may be enhanced by the opportunities available to them.

The boarders are also encouraged to develop their independence and new learn skills such as organising their laundry, cooking a meal or even sewing on a button. The academic support our boarders receive gives them the confidence they need to tackle their classroom challenges, whilst at the same time they are able to develop valuable social skills by being part of a community that thrives through tolerance and understanding of all who are part of it. 

Catherine Gardner

House ParentCatherine Gardner

Flexi Boarding

Weekly boarding operates from Monday to Thursday night and caters for parents who live slightly further away, work long hours or simply lead very busy lives.  Children are well looked after during the week but parents have them home at the weekends for quality family time.  We also offer Flexi Boarding, enabling children to board on 1-3 regular nights per week. Flexi Boarding is a popular choice for those who know they will be boarding in Senior School without making the commitment to boarding weekly. In addition, it is a popular solution to late clubs or rehearsals. We do offer some casual one-off boarding bookings.