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Cyber Fraud Risk Awareness

The College has been made aware of an increasing risk of cyber fraud, particularly targeting independent schools. Fraudsters are able to pose as College staff members, mimicking College e-mail addresses.

Please be vigilant and let us know if you receive anything that raises concern.

In particular please note that we will not tell you of any bank account changes via email.

You can contact the finance team on 00 44 1444 893024 if you have any concerns.

  • Always verify an email payment change request directly with the school, via the official, established contact details you have on file. Be alert to unexpected or notably increased fee requests.
  • Be vigilant and always scrutinise requests to amend payment procedures. Check for inconsistencies and grammatical errors in external emails, such as a misspelt school name or a slightly different email address; these can be warning signs of fraud.
  • Don’t be afraid to question and to verify details if being asked to make fee payments into a new bank account.