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Our House Structure

As students enter the Senior School in Year 9 (known at Ardingly College as Shell), they enter one of the Senior Houses where they remain until the end of their Lower Sixth year. We have two boys’ Boarding Houses (Hilton and Mertens) and two girls’ Boarding Houses (Aberdeen and Toynbee). Day students will enter one of our two boys’ day Houses (Crosse and Rhodes) or the girls’ House (Neal). Flexi-boarding is also available for those who may wish to board occasionally.

For their Upper Sixth year, students move to Woodard House in Godwin Hall (Woodard Boys and Woodard Girls), our Upper Sixth co-educational house. Opened in 2014 it boasts state of the art facilities and accommodates boarders and non-boarders.

House Facilities

Pupils have their own study. Lower down the school they tend to be shared with two or three other pupils but as they move up the school they may have a single study or share with just one other student. All studies are comfortably furnished, with a desk, locker and shelves.

The heart of each house is undoubtedly the Common room. Here, pupils from all years mix and socialise freely in their spare time. Sofas, beanbags, televisions, pianos and pool tables provide comfort and entertainment. There are also communal kitchens, games rooms and IT suites.

House Staff

A Housemaster or Housemistress is in charge of each House and is responsible for the academic and personal welfare of all the students in the House. Each boarding house has a matron who plays a vital role in the pastoral care of the pupils. In addition, there is a team of Tutors attached to each House.

Boys and girls are given increasing levels of responsibility as they progress with the appointment of a Head of House and House Prefects in the Lower Sixth.

Our House Council system ensures that boarders have a strong say in the opportunities on offer. House Councils have representatives from each year group who meet each term to discuss issues affecting the House.